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BJM School of Motoring has a growing reputation online and through word of mouth of delivering results, student passing the DVSA practical test first time.  We have an extensive range of satisfied customers, our reputation for quality service, value pricing and high pass rates has spread the word.

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BJM School of Motoring

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reviews, Reviews, BJM School of Motoring

I have just passed my first test today, at the age of 45 because I was lucky enough to find Barry. I’d had 10 lessons with a previous instructor and wasn’t making much progress, found Barry and learnt more with him in the first hour than I’d learnt in 10 lessons! He is incredibly professional but also friendly and really tunes his instruction to suit how you learn best. I can not recommend him enough, he is by far the best instructor in Bradford!

Terrasa Saunders 11/04/2018

I passed my test today! I met Baz through my sister who had previously passed with him. I can honestly say he was amazing and has built me up to be a confident driver. I remember how nervous I was at first but throughout every lesson, Baz made it comfortable and never failed to have a good laugh!! He really is worth it as there is no way that I would be as good a driver as I am now without Baz getting me there. He knew all of the test routes and closer to the test, he did mock testing which was so helpful and made me feel confident that I would pass my test. Baz is also so patient and takes his time. He figured out my learning style very quickly and built his teaching around that. I highly recommend Baz. Not only for a great laugh but also to get you to pass your test!!

Gabriella Barragan 10/03/2018

I passed first time today thanks to Baz. If like me you are anxious or nervous then Baz is the instructor for you. Baz has so much patience and he's a really calm, positive person. He has a great sense of humour so we had lots of laughs along the way. Baz will let you learn at a pace that suits you so no pressure. Hes always on time and will never let you down. I can't thank Baz enough. Starting lessons with Baz was the best thing I've ever done. I highly recommend Baz.

Vicky Harrison 27/07/2017

I passed my driving test first time with baz, after failing 3 other tests with previous instructors years ago I lost all my confidence. After thinking I would give it 1 more try I searched for a new instructor, I came across bjm school of motoring and was really impressed by all his reviews so contacted him, that was 1 of the best decisions I have ever made as he was brilliant, he made everything seem easy and he really helped me grow in confidence and believe I could do it. Baz was never late and never cancelled a lesson, he is a brilliant instructor and I couldn't recommend him enough. Thanks baz and I'll be contacting u in a few years for my son.

Michelle 19/03/2017

I passed….. Long story over ten years different 3 different instructors 3 failed tests due to my nerves Baz was my last chance to do this, from the first time I got into the car over a year ago he put me at ease with his calm and patient manner always had a good laugh each lesson Baz takes his time to go over anything you don't understand adapts his instruction to teach what's best for you, never late for a lesson……. Thank you Baz you gave me the confidence I needed to pass, if I ever here of anyone wanting to learn to drive BJM will be the only school I will recommend.

Victoria Howard 02/09/2016

I cannot stress enough how much of a good instructor Baz is. He doesn't rush you into doing stuff he knows you won't be comfortable with, he's patient and not to mention the fact he's a good laugh. I passed first time with 2 minors. I didn't know anything about driving, but I've come a long way with help from Baz. He made my lessons work around moving houses and work, which was a huge help. I highly recommend going with him for your lessons, especially if you're a very anxious person. Thank you so much! :).

Kim Jackson 29/04/2016

Another first time pass, thanks to BJM school of motoring. I chose BJM for my driving tuition because all the positive reviews online from start to finish Baz made me feel at home, we progressed quite quickly through the diffent routines required. BJM school of motoring brings out the best in you and does it easily thanks to baz and the way he teaches! I completed my driving test this week and this could not have been possible if it wasn't for BJM!

Robert Evans 14/06/2015

Baz is an amazing driving instructor. He teaches you right from wrong whilst explaining everything so that you fully understand. My driving experince with Baz was full of fun and laughter. I was made to feel at ease from start to finish during my lessons and eventually my test. I would recommend Baz for anyone who wants to learn to drive!

Farah Dean 06/12/2014

I choose to go with baz as a recommendation from my mum. Baz had passed my mum also my sister and close freinds all first time passes. Baz is a great instructor makes u feel at ease in driving nothing is to difficult and he explains in a way that you understand. Im so happy im passed and I have to say I wouldn't have gone with any other instuctor. I recommend bjm school of motoring very highly to anyone no messing no time wasting every lesson counts brilliant thankyou baz so much ur the best ;).

Shabana Khan. 27/11/2013

After over 70(!)hrs with my first driving instructor, 2 failed practical tests and my driving going downhill, I decided to find someone new. On website like this one I found BJM to have the best and the most genuine reviews. Baz made me get rid off all my bad driving habits that certainly prevented me from passing in the past. After few lessons with BJM I started to enjoy driving! Baz just makes it all SIMPLE and FUN! I am very anxious, so it seems like I found the right person. He's supportive, friendly, patient and always on time. Being Polish we've never had problems communicating. None of the ridiculous things I did at the very beginning made him irritate or raise his voice. He's confident in his driving and made me believe in myself too. Before, I never thought I would feel comfortable and relaxed driving a car. Yesterday I passed my practical test 1st time with Baz with only few minors!!! To sum up it's no wonder why BJM gets always 5 out of 5. You would have to be INSANE to rate him lower than that! Thank you Baz, you're the top man!!!

Patryk Kochan 02/12/2012

Baz helped me pass my driving test with only 3 minors !!!! BJM school of motoring are The GREATEST. Baz is the best instructor I've ever had and he is always patient, friendly, on time but my favourite is FUNNY!!! He teaches at a pace that you are comfortable with and helps you learn quicker with his simplified training methods. I took my test twice with another driving school and after two years I failed. I then discovered bjm and after only 5 months passed with 3 minors!! Would highly recommend BJM - baz.

Faye Donlan. 20/08/2012


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reviews, Reviews, BJM School of Motoring

Star Pupils Reviews


What can I say… I am absolutely speechless! Baz is the best instructor you are going to find! After having done previous lessons with someone else, I had to start all over again with baz and 6 months late today I passed! Baz is very understanding, explains everything thoroughly, makes you feel confident and positive while going at a pace that suits you, but moving you forward at the same time. He is patient, knowledgeable and very down to earth, I always felt at ease doing my lessons, learning every second whilst been able to have a chat. I won’t be able to thank him enough and words dont do any justice, you would be silly to choose another instructor.   Baz all the way people!! P. S. I passed with no minors!!!


Baz is probably the best instructor you’ll find out there. I came to him from a friend’s recommendation being told that he’s one of the most patient men you’ll ever meet, who will work with you individually as a pupil to pass your test, which is all true. When beginning to learn I had little knowledge of how to drive, and had little confidence when doing so; however, Baz makes you feel comfortable in the car, relaxes you and that in turn leads to it being easier to learn. The lessons fly-by due to him being a down to Earth person who you can have banter with, whilst also being able to learn to drive at the same time. In the run-up to the test, he will give you mock tests and focus on the specific areas for you which you need to work on, in order to give you the best chance of passing. After a lot of hard work with him, I passed my test first time with 0 driving faults, I would highly recommend anybody to use BJM’s school of motoring if they were wanting to drive. 
BJM School of Motoring established over 15 years  ago, becoming one of the top rated driving schools throughout Bradford and all surrounding areas.  Using only DVSA approved driving instructors to uphold the BJM brand giving you peace of mind that all your driving lessons will be structured and managed to the highest level of quality.
reviews, Reviews, BJM School of Motoring
reviews, Reviews, BJM School of Motoring