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With our continuous growth, BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services are now expanding our services nationwide with remote training services on How to improve your chances of passing both DVSA Theory and Practical driving  tests first time with BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services.  

Our services give you insights into what you should know, but wasn’t made clear by your ADI Instructor or other sources, also what your DVSA driving test Examiner is looking for.

Our Services


  • We offer a one to one advisory service tailor made to suit your individual circumstances.
  • We guarantee to work at your own pace with no stress or drama.
  • Face to face online advisory service via video link or on the phone service advisory Service ( All calls will be recorded for training & monitoring purposes )
  • Tuition in the comfort of your own home ( depending on location )
  • Tuition in a safe environment and location of your choice.


  • Inside knowledge of how to improve your chances of passing your practical driving test first time that you won’t find on Google.
  • Inside knowledge of what your driving Instructor“ should be telling you “ but some fail to do so. You will be amazed.
  • What you should be doing in your driving lessons
  • When you should be doing it and why
  • We can go on and on with the knowledge that we have accept there is simply so much to go on with
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BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services

BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services provide remote training which will advise & guide you upon How to improve your chances of passing both your DVSA theory and DVSA Practical driving tests with inside knowledge of what the DVSA driving test examiner is looking for and of course what they aren’t. You WILL NOT find most this information on any basic Google or internet search.

It is beyond belief what some alleged qualified DVSA  ADI driving Instructors aren’t telling there pupils. What are we talking about?  Confused? Shocked? Intrigued? Contact us for more information

BJM School of Motoring established in 2002 and continues a growing reputation of delivering results through the highest quality tuition. With our continued expansion we are now delivering tuition nationwide with BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services. The vast majority of our customers are predominantly the Practical Driving candidates so with our Advisory Services they have past first time with the minimum of ease. See the independent reviews on Freeindex.

All driving Instructors teach differently and have their own methods, some good and some not so good. The trouble is some driving Instructors teach everyone at the same level at the same pace. It’s wrong. Why? Contact us to for more details.

What makes BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services so special? Click here to find out.  Once we open your eyes to the reality of wanting to pass your Practical Driving Test with our Advisory Services it will guarantee that you will drive safely for life..


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Customer Reviews / Pass Rates

BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services has one of the highest pass rates not just in the whole of Yorkshire which is the biggest county in England but the whole of the UK too. Do your research and see for yourself. We come second to none thus continue to have a growing reputation online and through word of mouth of delivering superb results.  Please read some of our fantastic independent reviews below through independent websites like Google and Freeindex..

DVSA Practical Test Statistics

The national figure of student passing their DVSA practical test with zero faults is only 1%, in cities it’s even harder to achieve.  The statistics available on the website show multiple reasons why this is the case, by looking at the test pass statistics you will find BJM School of Motoring is top rated both locally and nationally. Because of this we now continue to grow and call ourselves BJM School of Motoring Advisory services which is now national.

The national pass rate average published by DVLA for Bradford is as follows for males 38.5% and for females 30.1.8%. BJM School of Motoring obliterates the DVSA statistics due the the high quality of our tuition, each BJM student is individually different and we tailor our training to  bring out the best in you.  We are very proud of our students, all are outstanding.  Some passing with zero faults joining one percent nationwide makes BJM exceptionally proud. So to continue our growth in order to guide the unlucky ones who are stressed out and upset because of the their failures contact us today. We will advise you on where you are going wrong.