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Bradford’s Premier Driving School

Your local independent local driving school, delivering Top Rated driving tuition.  BJM School of Motoring of Bradford, West Yorkshire, is one of the premier driving school in Yorkshire.  BJM SoM  delivers the highest quality driving lessons in Bradford and most surrounding suburbs to a wide variety of clients.  Getting you started with our Top Rated driving school means BJM’s instructors who are dedicated to delivering great driving tuition with mutual support and commitment of both student and instructor bringing  great results and fantastic customer reviews.

BJM School of Motoring is an energetic company, established in 2003 using only fully qualified instructors to deliver your Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) formally known as The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) approved tuition. This means BJM is able to give total focus and commitment to all our students and offer quality guarantees like BJM Promise Call 07795480282 for more details

BJM Promise

You will be driving on your first ever lesson

We promise that you will be moving the BJM car on your very first driving lesson with us wither you have previous experience or not. Unlike other driving schools in Bradford who offer these fantastic deals eg: 5 lessons for £50 or cheap driving lessons, but what they don’t say is that you’ll not be moving the car for at least the first 3 or even the 5th lesson, instead you’ll be talking about everything under the sun and NOT actually driving, thus no learning taking place and a waste of your time and hard earned money. Your first driving lesson with us will conducted in a quite location where your instructor will show you the general control of the BJM car, how it works and why. Once you are satisfied and fully understand these controls you driving instructor encourage you start the car and talk you through stage by stage on how to move the car off with the minimum of fuss. It doesn’t take 3 to 5 days.

You will understand the simplicity of our methods of learning to drive

Rest assured we promise you’ll understand our methods of how to drive the car. It’s not as hard as one may think, having driving lessons in Bradford can sometimes be challenging but once you get to know the rules and the reasons why these rules are implemented life will become stress free and drama free.

You will feel comfortable, relaxed and chilled

We at BJM can confirm without doubt that your driving instructors in Bradford will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and chilled. This is very important for this to happen because once these simple facts have be established we guarantee that your learning with us will quickly accelerate away. It will save time, effort and money simply because you feel at ease. Check out our reviews for confirmations and simply Google us.

You will have fun and laughter learning to drive with BJM

Have you heard of these stories about some driving schools in Bradford and the driving instructors shout, rant and rave at their pupils upsetting them, sometimes making them cry because they have stalled, rolled backwards, not understood their instructions? Well it’s a crime and shouldn’t happen in anyway shape or form. BJM School of Motoring prides itself on have fun and laughter while learning to drive. It’s the only way to actually enjoy driving. Check out our reviews for confirmations and simply Google us.

You will pass your test first time with BJM School of Motoring

We promise you will pass your DVSA driving test first time, in the unlikely event you don’t then your next test will be free if charge. That’s the confidence we have on our pupils. Which other driving school in Bradford will offer this? None. Just to give you an example of our pass rates compared to the national average please check out the table below:
The national pass rate average for males is 49.1% and for females 42.8%. BJM School of Motoring far exceeds these figures, currently our 1st time pass rate exceeds 85%.
The current local DVLA pass rates are as follows:
Post Code Male Pass Rate (%) Female Past Rate (%)
BD3 7AY Bradford 38.5  BJM = 85 30.1  BJM = 74
BD9 5AS Bradford 35.5 24.3
BD21 2BL Keighley 52.9 39.3
BD23 2BE Skipton 53.3 47.1
* Figures based on DVLA and BJM 2018.
In the unlikely event you fail your DVSA practical test, your next test will be FREE of charge. 

Whether it’s your first time behind the wheel or if you’ve already started your training, with BJM School of Motoring our driving instructors in Bradford will take you one step closer to passing your DVSA Practical Driving Test.  That’s a fact, BJM’s professional, patient and friendly local driving instructors you’ll enjoy a relaxed, positive and encouraging environment as you start your driving lessons and learn to drive.

Driving lessons in Bradford with BJM School of Motoring are very competitively priced, and we continue to proudly offer a introductory special offer of the First 4 driving lessons £79

BJM’s continuous success has increased the pass rates of our pupils to in excess of 85%

Your 1st telephone call with BJM School of Motoring, driving instructors in Bradford will give you an idea as to whether BJM will get along with you.

Ask yourself how helpful they were?

It’s very important that upon making your first call about driving lessons in Bradford, your instructor should and will answer your many questions that you will ask them. It’s normal to want to ask questions regarding prices and so on. So please feel free to ask as many questions as you want in order to get a better picture of the driving tuition in Bradford you or your family member may want to know. For more information on questions and answers visit: FAQ

Was it easy to have a conversation?

If your conversation felt at ease at the first point of contact then your driving lessons in Bradford will also feel at ease too. Not just at ease but in a way that your learning will be easy, at a rate that you feel comfortable with at a rate that will make it easy to pass your practical test first time

Did you feel at ease?

We are very sure during your contact with BJM school of Motoring it was chilled. Your driving tuition in Bradford will be just the same. It’s how it should be really. Nothing less will do.

Did you feel relaxed?

When a pupil or someone on behalf of the potential pupil contacts BJM we are very confident that you’ll want us to teach you to drive. The simple facts are that…we are always helpful. Our initial conversation upon first contact would of been easy going. You would of felt at ease and it’s a fact that you did feel relaxed. These are important factors to consider because we all want our loved ones to feel the same and in safe hands too

BJM’s guess is yes, then your on the right path of making the right choice in choosing BJM.  Get in touch with our Bradford based driving school BJM now, and feel assured you are in good hands.

First Driving Lessons


On your very first driving lesson with BJM School of Motoring even if you have never driven before, your first lesson will be relaxed and enjoyable. You will be put at ease straight away. Your instructor will take you to a nice, quiet area away from all the traffic, there you will be shown step-by-step, what to do and why it is important. On your 1st lesson you will experience some driving of the car. Once your driving lessons progress your instructor will still be with you every step of the way until he feels you can take over some of the responsibility. It will be great fun with lots of laughs along the way


driving lessons in Bradford, Home, BJM School of Motoring, BJM School of Motoring

See the fantastic reviews of BJM School of Motoring on the “ independent “ driving school review websites Freeindex, and Google which is one of the top ranked search engines in the world also Driving School Finder from some of our ex-pupils.  Upon reading the reviews BJM challenges you to find a better driving School in Bradford, each and every pupil can be verified unlike some driving schools.  Our pass rates are so consistently high that we promise that you will pass the DVSA practical test first time with BJM School of Motoring, in the unlikely event that you don’t pass first time, your next test will be FREE.

I went with Barry after my brother-in-law did his lessons with him and passed first time, and I genuinely can’t speak highly enough about him, from the moment I started my lessons he made me feel comfortable and totally at ease. He always made sure I was aware of what I needed to do to become a complete driver, he didn’t just teach me how to pass a test, he taught me how to actually drive whilst being laid back, down to earth and just a genuinely funny guy. I’d advise anyone who wants to have the best possibility of passing first time to choose Barry, he will not let you down.


After 2 previous instructors and almost giving up, a friend recommended Baz to me and I am so glad! He made coming on my lessons something to enjoy rather than a chore like before as he is so encouraging. I managed to pass with just ONE minor. Honestly can’t thank him enough, would recommend to everyone!!! Thank you, Baz!


I have just passed my first test today, at the age of 45 because I was lucky enough to find Barry. I’d had 10 lessons with a previous instructor and wasn’t making much progress, found Barry and learnt more with him in the first hour than I’d learnt in 10 lessons! He is incredibly professional but also friendly and really tunes his instruction to suit how you learn best. I can not recommend him enough, he is by far the best instructor in Bradford!


Baz is probably the best instructor you'll find out there. I came to him from a friend's recommendation being told that he's one of the most patient men you'll ever meet, who will work with you individually as a pupil to pass your test, which is all true. When beginning to learn I had little knowledge of how to drive, and had little confidence when doing so; however, Baz makes you feel comfortable in the car, relaxes you and that in turn leads to it being easier to learn. The lessons fly-by due to him being a down to Earth person who you can have banter with, whilst also being able to learn to drive at the same time. In the run-up to the test, he will give you mock tests and focus on the specific areas for you which you need to work on, in order to give you the best chance of passing. After a lot of hard work with him, I passed my test first time with 0 driving faults, I would highly recommend anybody to use BJM's school of motoring if they were wanting to drive.


Passed my test today thanks to Baz. I found him online when my previous instructor seemed to be clueless on the routes and her teaching style didn't help me at all. When I came to Baz I was so unconfident thinking I can't drive. However his patience and excellent teaching method helped me to build confidence and clean up my mistakes to become a better driver. Thank you Baz.


Today I passed my test after lessons with Baz. I couldn't recommend Baz enough he really is the best at what he does. When I started my lessons I was not confident behind the wheel, I struggled with some things like roundabouts etc. But Baz changed that, he built up my confidence, helped me with all the things I struggled with. He is extremely patient and knows ways round it. Couldn't of done it without him as my instructor. Would seriously recommend Baz to anyone.


I passed my test today! I met Baz through my sister who had previously passed with him. I can honestly say he was amazing and has built me up to be a confident driver. I remember how nervous I was at first but throughout every lesson, Baz made it comfortable and never failed to have a good laugh!! He really is worth it as there is no way that I would be as good a driver as I am now without Baz getting me there. He knew all of the test routes and closer to the test, he did mock testing which was so helpful and made me feel confident that I would pass my test. Baz is also so patient and takes his time. He figured out my learning style very quickly and built his teaching around that. I highly recommend Baz. Not only for a great laugh but also to get you to pass your test!!


New laws for learner drivers on motorways


Learner drivers can take motorway lessons with an ADI (approved driving instructor from 2018)

Learner drivers will need to be:

  • Accompanied by a BJM ADI (approved driving instructor)
  • Driving the wonderful new BJM car fitted with dual controls for your safety.

Please note: Any motorways lessons will be voluntary and will not be part of your practical test. It will be up to the BJM driving instructor to decide when the learner driver is competent enough for them.

For more information see: Driving Lessons

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driving lessons in Bradford, Home, BJM School of Motoring, BJM School of Motoring

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