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100’s of questions can be answered by us and do remember some of the answers we are about to give you are strictly can not be found in any Google search whatsoever. Contact: BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services.

  • I’m nervous, really nervous because my test is very soon. What can I do to improve my chances of passing?
  • Should I or should I not take my instructor with me on my driving test?
  • What if I’ve stalled once or more than once on my driving test. Have I failed?
  • I hit the kerb when I was asked to park up. Have I failed?
  • I tried to move off on a hill and rolled backwards, have i failed?
  • I don’t know when to get onto a busy roundabout on my test. My instructors not with me they used to tell me to “ Go – Go “ why is it busy? My lessons weren’t busy.
  • What exactly IS a blind spot? Have you been shown or just told?
  • My instructor is always on the phone during my lessons. Is this normal?
  • How many times should I be checking my mirrors? Is there a minimum or maximum?
  • Should I have to pay a premium for use of my instructors car on a driving test?
  • Is it normal for an instructor to run personal errands during your driving lessons?
  • Is it normal for an instructor to visit a petrol station every time I’m on a lesson?
  • When is it the best time to do driving lessons and or take driving test? And why?
  • My instructor smokes in the car when I’m on my driving lessons, I hate it. What can I do?
  • Is it true that driving test examiners have to fail a % to keep rate up or down?
  • Is it true that male driving instructors are better than females visa versa?
  • I failed my driving test because I’ve never been doŵn this or that road before what can I do?
  • My instructor is often late but yet I have to pay full price? Is this fair? Can I do anything?
  • Can I drive on my driving licence when I’m not from the UK?
  • My instructor makes me nervous, keeps shouting, impatient etc. Can I do anything?


100’s of questions can be answered by Contacting BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services

FAQ, FAQ, BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services


It’s fact that car insurance for the newly qualified which are predominantly young drivers will incure massive fees in their early years. Much so that the car insurance for the year cost more thatn the actual car that was bought for. Unbelievable we know but sorry to say it’s true.

BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services can advise you on how to actually lower your premiums that you never thought possible and naturally stay on the right side of the law.


  • It is against the laws for anyone under 17 years to take driving lessons unless they are disabled which is allowed from 16 years onwards.
  • However it’s not against the law for under under 17,s to learn to have the basic knowledge and understanding in knowing where the controls are in a car – how they work – when to use the controls – why and of course the. consequences if these rules aren’t applied.
  • BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services says this in beneficial in 2 ways. They are as follows.
  • Parents / Guardians:  You will be saving a absolute fortune as our services are at a cut price cost compared to many Driving Instructors who will charge from £25 per hour upwards. See our prices for more info ( click on price and to open up on price page) Your loved ones will have an heads up in advance of the basic knowledge of knowing how to move the car forward and knowing how to change the gears up & down without officially doing it real – life in a car. This will give them a massive boost to there confidence in readiness for their first driving lesson.
  • Your loved ones: Most under 17,s want to learn to drive but are not allowed until they reach 17. With our services we believe you can either reward your loved ones, or using it as a gift idea,, present and so on as a sort of carrot do well in there exams or good behaviour and so on. We think you get the picture… works!


Since Brexit the driving license laws in the UK has changed for none UK residents with international driving licenses.

Many questions and the complexities of the this issue can and will be broken down in a format that will be much easier to understand. This is just some of may question that are asked.

  • Can I change my drivers licence to a full UK driver’s license if I passed my test in….another a country?
  • Do I have to reset my driving test if I passed in my country?
  • Do I have to do a theory test in the UK? Because we didn’t need one in my country
  • Where and how do I change my drivers license if I need to change it and or resit my test.?


This can be a touchy subject for some band or disqualified drivers. It shouldn’t be as you have a right to drive and get your drivers license back. The below are just an example of some of the questions asked.

  • Do I have to do my practical drivers test again after I’ve served my ban?
  • Do I have to do my theory test again?
  • Can I drive with 12 points or more on my driver’s license?
  • How do I get my drivers license back after my ban.
  • Can I drive on the day my ban ends?
  • I’ve been driving for less than 6 months and have 6 points. Will I lose my driving license?


We at BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services also give in depth knowledge and information on disabled driving not previously found or can’t be found on the internet no matter how hard you look. Below are just some of the examples we cover.

A disabled person can start to learn to drive at the age of 16 depending on the severity of their disability.

  • PIP driving – Grants – Grants for cares – Eligibility
  • DVLA medical conditions – Blue badge –  Eligibility
  • FREE driving lessons.
  • Provisional license with disability
  • Criteria needed for a disability car
  • Congestion charge or not for disability driving
  • The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)
  • And 100’s more.

If you need more in-depth information on disability driving, grants, your entitlement, your eligibility then don’t hesitate to contact us. Don’t delay as you may be missing out on something that you didn’t know that your entitled to.


Our in depth knowledge rather than going through the trial and error process. BJM School of Motoring Advisory Services can save you sums of money with our educational services.

Star Pupils

Zero Driver Fault Test Pass

We have selected a couple of our ex-students of the national 1% crew which shows BJM pass rates are not just hollow words (Reviews posted upon FreeIndex website).  Could you be our next star pupil? Contact us today and lets get you on the road to success.


What can I say… I am absolutely speechless! Baz is the best instructor you are going to find! After having done previous lessons with someone else, I had to start all over again with baz and 6 months late today I passed! Baz is very understanding, explains everything thoroughly, makes you feel confident and positive while going at a pace that suits you, but moving you forward at the same time. He is patient, knowledgeable and very down to earth, I always felt at ease doing my lessons, learning every second whilst been able to have a chat. I won’t be able to thank him enough and words dont do any justice.   Baz all the way people!! P. S. I passed with no minors!!!


Baz is probably the best instructor you’ll find out there. I came to him from a friend’s recommendation being told that he will work with you individually as a pupil to pass your test, which is all true. When beginning to learn I had little knowledge of how to drive, and had little confidence when doing so; however, Baz makes you feel comfortable in the car, relaxes you and that in turn leads to it being easier to learn. The lessons fly-by due to him being a down to earth person. In the run-up to the test, he will give you mock tests. After a lot of hard work with him, I passed my test first time with 0 driving faults, I would highly recommend anybody to use BJM.