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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a sample of BJM School of Motoring most FAQ’s relating to driving lessons in Bradford and all surrounding areas.

What does BJM mean by preparation?

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Are the online reviews of BJM real?

Yes absolutely, real people who passed with BJM each and everyone can be independently verified this is the reason BJM is Top Rated unlike some companies which make statements that cannot be verified.

What time and why?

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Do you teach in Automatic cars?

We are currently expanding and will be teaching in Automatic cars in the very near future. However, we do advise that where possible it’s best to learn in a manual car because upon passing your practical test you will be allowed to drive both manual and automatic in the UK but not allowed to drive both if you pass only in an Automatic car.

Is it true that the cheap driving lessons in Bradford aren’t much good?

Mainly yes. You can’t expect Harrods quality at pound shop prices, It’s just not going to happen.

Star Pupils

Zero Driver Fault Test Pass

We have selected a couple of our ex-students of the national 1% crew that shows BJM pass rates are not just hollow words (Reviews posted upon FreeIndex website).  Could you be our next star pupil? Call today and lets get you on the road to success.


What can I say… I am absolutely speechless! Baz is the best instructor you are going to find! After having done previous lessons with someone else, I had to start all over again with baz and 6 months late today I passed! Baz is very understanding, explains everything thoroughly, makes you feel confident and positive while going at a pace that suits you, but moving you forward at the same time. He is patient, knowledgeable and very down to earth, I always felt at ease doing my lessons, learning every second whilst been able to have a chat. I won’t be able to thank him enough and words dont do any justice.   Baz all the way people!! P. S. I passed with no minors!!!


Baz is probably the best instructor you’ll find out there. I came to him from a friend’s recommendation being told that he will work with you individually as a pupil to pass your test, which is all true. When beginning to learn I had little knowledge of how to drive, and had little confidence when doing so; however, Baz makes you feel comfortable in the car, relaxes you and that in turn leads to it being easier to learn. The lessons fly-by due to him being a down to earth person. In the run-up to the test, he will give you mock tests. After a lot of hard work with him, I passed my test first time with 0 driving faults, I would highly recommend anybody to use BJM.

Driving Lessons

How long will it take to learn to drive?

Based on 40 hours: 1 hour per week will take you approx 11 months & 2 hours per week will take you approx 6 months.

How much will it cost?

Consider this for an example only –
40 quality lessons with BJM at £25.00 = £1000 + 1 driving test attempt £62 = £1062
60 cheap lessons at £20 = £1200 + 3 driving test attempts £186 = £1386 and you may NOT HAVE passed your test after numerous attempts.

Do you ever wonder WHY that is and which option would you rather have?

How many websites of Driving Instructors in Bradford have you looked at?,  How many driving schools in Bradford have you looked over?,  How many empty promises have you seen or heard?
BJM School of Motoring will put that right with our quality tuition.  BJM School of Motoring delivering driving lessons in Bradford ensures that we will adhere to a strict code of conduct. A service is provided to the learner driver that is one of professionalism, courtesy, patience, value for money and safe driving.

What your driving instructor will expect from you?

With BJM, driving school in Bradford, our aim is to teach learner drivers to not just to pass the DVSA driving test, but to learn new skills that will remain with them for the rest of their lives

Learning to drive on today’s roads

Requires much more than just having the ability to use the controls. A driver needs to be alert at all times and will need to show good control skills, good observations, confidence and patience. There will be times when quick decisions are required. Being courteous and having the right attitude to others are also very important factors.
BJM instructors will teach you every skill. We at BJM care about you and will make lessons fun with lots of laughs along the way.

Practical Test

How do I book my practical test?

You can book your practical test online by visiting 

Can I use your BJM car to do my practical test?

Yes you certainly can, however BJM will “always” assess your driving to determine what standard your at. You must be at BJM standard before you are allowed to use our cars for any practical test.

Is it true that examiners pass only a few because of the rota they have to keep?

There is no evidence whatsoever to support these stories. It’s s myth, If your good enough you’ll pass your practical test first time. Simple really. Visit freeindex and google for proof.

I’ve got 3 penalty points on my provisional licence, can I still book my practical test?

Yes, you can still take your practical test. However, we will encourage you to consider what lessons you can learn from the situations that caused you to get those points in the first place and what changes you should make to your driving in the light of that.

Pass Plus

Once you’ve passed your DVSA practical test

BJM School of Motoring will advise you to complete a Pass plus driving course although it’s not compulsory.

What is a Pass plus?

It is a six-part training course which helps new drivers get experience in towns, all weathers, out of town and rural roads, night driving, dual carriageway and motorways. Each part lasts an hour and at the end of your module your instructor will pass you if he or she believes that you have met the right standard.

For more information visit 

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 Online Resources

BJM School of Motoring is proud to provide driving related website links of various online resources like Driving Standards Agency and other websites to assist you with your DVSA theory and practical test.  The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) have merged to form the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

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