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driving lessons, Driving lessons in Bradford, BJM School of Motoring

Take your driving lessons in Bradford


BJM School of Motoring 

Bradford’s premier driving school

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) was an executive agency of the Department for Transport. It has been replaced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Our fully qualified green badge driving instructors provide the best DVSA approved structured tuition for you to progress rapidly with your driving lessons, our company reviews speak for themselves.

Take your driving lessons with BJM Bradford’s Premier Driving School 

Besides being fully qualified professional DVSA, ADI and Pass Plus registered driving instructors.  BJM have a friendly, patient approach to teaching.  BJM offers a tailored Expert tuition to individuals, which can be designed to Make the Pupil at all times Feel Comfortable. With BJM, the business also has polite staff allowing clients to Learn at their own pace.  We believe the more you relax, the more you enjoy and the more you learn. And if you enjoy your driving lessons the chances are you’ll build up your confidence and driving skills more quickly.

How many driving lessons will you need?

The DVSA recommends that every new driver should receive 45 hours tuition with a professional instructor and then further ‘other’ lessons with family / friends. Remember this is only an average. Some pupils have less, some can have 60 hours or more.

driving lessons, Driving lessons in Bradford, BJM School of Motoring


Driving lessons should never be rushed. All students pass when they are ready. 1st attempt or otherwise. It does not matter.

Based on 40 hours: 1 hour per week will take you approx 11 months & 2 hours per week will take you approx 6 months.

Consider this for an example only –

40 quality lessons at £20 £800 + 1 driving test attempt £62 = £862

60 cheap lessons at £15 = £900 + 3 driving test attempts £186 = £1086 and you may NOT HAVE passed your test after numerous attempts.

Do you ever wonder WHY that is?

Which one would you rather have?

How many websites of Driving Instructors in Bradford have you looked at?

How many driving schools in Bradford have you looked over?

BJM School of Motoring will put that right with our quality tuition.  BJM School of Motoringdelivering driving lessons in Bradford ensures that we will adhere to a strict code of conduct. A service is provided to the learner driver that is one of professionalism, courtesy, patience, value for money and safe driving.

What your driving instructor will expect from you

With BJM, driving school in Bradford, our aim is to teach learner drivers to not just to pass the DVSA driving test, but to learn new skills that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Learning to drive on today’s roads requires much more than just having the ability to use the controls. A driver needs to be alert at all times and will need to show good control skills, good observations, confidence and patience. There will be times when quick decisions are required. Being courteous and having the right attitude to others are also very important factors. BJM instructors will teach you every skill. We at BJM care about you and will make lessons fun with lots of laughs along the way.

You will need to: Read and prepare for your theory test with our help. Give 100% concentration. To listen throughout the lesson and ask questions when in doubt. To carry out some form of theory revision and practical driving in between lessons where possible. Have the ability to take on the information and learn with our support. To progress continually over the course of lessons until the instructor does not need to guide you.

Once you have chosen BJM School of Motoring for your driving lessons in Bradford and surrounding areas, you can expect your instructor over the full course of the lessons, to maintain their very high standards throughout.

driving lessons, Driving lessons in Bradford, BJM School of Motoring