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BJM School of Motoring is proud to provide driving related website links of various online resources like Driving Standards Agency and other websites to assist you with your DVSA theory and practical test.  The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) have merged to form the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Resources, Resources, BJM School of Motoring

Car gadgets that can save you money

Tyre pressure:

Since 2014 all new cars sold are fitted with TPMS as standard. But if you own an older car, its likely you have to manually check your pressures. If you don’t keep a close eye on your tyres, its likely that as well as leaking air as well as leaking money out of your bank account too. Our driving instructors in Bradford reckon you’ll use around 20% more fuel than what you should. If your tyres are under-inflated by just 15psi you’ll be using around 6% more fuel = £72 per year extra on fuel. Get a cheap TPMS and you’ll be quids in with savings.

Dash cam:

Dash cams are one of the fastest growing gadgets going. As time goes on they are having more and more features that’s beneficial for a number of reasons. For example: They can cover you in an event of an accident with video footage as some motorist tell lies, they can speed up claims, they can reduce your car insurance and some insurance companies offer discounts too. Rest assured all our driving instructors in Bradford have dash cams front and rear fitted for your health and safety. You can save £100 or more per year on a good dash cam that cost around £150. BJM School of Motoring will advise you and point you in the right direction. Protect yourself and loved ones and save money while doing so.

Sat nav:

If you purchase a sat nav you can save yourself money and lots of it. How? While sitting in traffic burning fuel a sat nav can redirect you to where there isn’t any traffic and get you to your destination on time instead of driving around wasting fuel. A good sat nav with live updates will cost you around £300 with speed camera alerts saving you £100,s in fines and fixed penalty points and that’s just for staters. With these benefits you’ll be quids in once again. With our driving Schools in Bradford they are standard and a must.

Eco driving courses:

While BJM School of Motoring educate you with these simple gadgets that can save you £s they will only work and benefit you if you drive safely. The way our driving instructors in Bradford have taught you then it will be standard and normal practice. A telematic app ( below ) won’t help your bank balance if you drive recklessly, trust me. They are companies out there that do eco driving courses who will show you how to improve fuel economy by around 15% thus saving you money.

Telematic apps:

The telematic apps that you can purchase are very cheap indeed in fact most are free yes free. What is a telematic app? It’s an app that you can download onto you mobile phone, it tracks your driving style, including your speed, smoothness of your braking, journey location and what time of day. ( Black box ) on a mobile phone. The app will rate your style of driving and if it’s the way BJM have taught, then you’ll be rewarded with a reduction of your annual insurance premium. However not all insurance companies are interested but why not give it a try and sell yourself. If successful you’ll get a minimum of 10% reduction.

OBD Protection:

Technology is amazing these days. It’s so amazing that a thief can target a vehicle electronically without smashing its windows. We recommend that adding a steering wheel that’s minimal in cost saving you money and is a deterrent too. Our driving driving instructors in Bradford will advise you to protect your on board diagnostics port. This is the entry point used for servicing by dealers. It allows thieves to plug in and clone your car key or even control the vehicle. Sound like James Bond doesn’t it, but true. A basic system will cost around £100 supplied and fitted, but a Thatcham approved OBD protector will cost around £300 sounds a lot of money I know, but think about the cost in the long run. Prevention is better than cure.

Car Tracker:

Imagine this, you wake up getting ready for work to find that your car has been stolen leaving you £1000,s out of pocket, getting the bus to work, taxi or having to even walk to work. Nightmare situation to be in isn’t it? If you want your car back and you can afford it then a good tracker will cost you around £250 upwards. Normally these are fitted to the more expensive cars who thieves want to take. The thieves won’t know its got a tracker nor will they know where it’s fitted even if they suspect there’s a tracker on. This will give the police and tracking company the chance to track and find the location of your vehicle recover it and hopefully the thieves too. Admittedly it’s pricey gadget but can and does save a minimum of 10% of your annual insurance premium.
Resources, Resources, BJM School of Motoring

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